Cant Start Car Steering Wheel Locked

When your car is being locked in the State and then you rotate your car steer to the right or the left, usually steer the car would immediately locked. This is because the safety system found on cars in order to avoid theft. Then How to unlock steer if you can’t start car Steering Wheel Locked?


Typically, this occurs when the constraint you finish Park the car and would like to straighten out the steer, or your child playing in a State car steer machine dead and accidentally steer is in a position locked.


Why can this happen {Can’t Start Car Steering Wheel Locked}


Some car type has a security system like this, but some others are not. In fact, there is a type of car that has a special button to turn off the system locked steer. You don’t need to worry if you experience Cant Start Car Steering Wheel Locked. That occurs is simply steer a locked car, but car doors still open.


No need to panic or confused, there are some steps that you can do if you are in a position Cant Start Car Steering Wheel Locked.

What must we do when we Can’t Start Car Steering Wheel Locked


  1. Insert your car key

  2. turn the key your car toward the car while dialing on steer with your left hand to unlock a previously locked steer.

  3. If successful then steer the car will be back in its original position

  4. If it is not successful, repeat the steps above correctly slowly.


That’s the last few steps you can do if you experience Can’t Start Car Steering Wheel Locked. Don’t underestimate this, for those of you who have never or just learning to drive will I make sure you confusion and panic. Stay alert will everything possible happening, prioritizing their safety when driving and keep focus.


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