car makes noise when turning

As the owner of the car, surely it is important to take care of on a regular basis so that the condition of the car is well maintained and excellent when used. Why car makes noise when turning? The car is less treated surely cause the onset of problems that interfere with the car when driven.The damage to the car is not hanyadapat detected from checking the depth. Even the sounds of ditumbulkan, you already can detect if there is damage to the components of your car. The sound of harming this could be due to a faulty component or inappropriate settings. There are several causes of car sound when turn is often the case, the following explanation of why car makes noise when turning?.


  1. Stabilizer Bar is weak Car makes noise when turning

The function of the components of the stabilizer bar is to stabilize altitude between wheel and krii on independent suspension system. Independent suspension has a distinctive feature of the axle on the right and left are mutually independent. So whenthe left wheel wheel position right up until it is very convenient to use while driving.But unfortunately his weakness is in effect a rolling quite noticeably.

To prevent it from his regular car owners use design as a link with a hinge or joint that makes the stabilizer can still work even though the wheels are turned on full. But unfortunately if the condition is melemag, then the stabilizer stabilizer will drag and then cause friction. As a consequence will sound “tek tek” at the moment the car turn. To verify, try to check the condition of the stabilizer link located on the shock absorber on the front wheel. You can try to wiggle this link, if his condition is normal then just drag it. However, if the movement is weak, then immediately replace it with a new one.



  1. Tie Rod is weak Car makes noise when turning


Tie rod is the rod drivers which connect between the output arms and steering knucle steer rack on wheels. Same is the case with the stabilizer links, tie rod, there is 2 pieces joint or hinge which makes driving can still work even though the wheel up and down. It’s just unfortunately if the joint is weakened then give rise to loopholes in it that make the occurrence of vibration or sound. This sound will be heard when the position of the wheels are straight but can also be more noticeably when the car turn. This is because the sednag tie rod’s work withstand the load that comes from the style behind the steer. Car makes noise when turning


To check them out, to do the demolition on the wheels of the car. There are 2 types of tie rod tie rod i.e. ling and tie rod end. The checking can be done by opening the bolt fastener on the tie rod end. After that, you can pull out tie rod in steering knucle. Try to wiggle the two parts of the joint, if indeed his movement is weak then immediately replace it with a new one. Car makes noise when turning


  1. Wheel Balance Car makes noise when turning


For those of you who know in the automotive world, surely knows the term FWA (Front Wheel Aligment). The term is used to position the back so that the right and leftwheels can balance. FWA has indeed gives a chance of manufacturer. However due to wear and tear on the wheel causes the FWA changed. So make steer vibrates and makes noise disturbed while being turned. To verify it, then try to check the condition of the tires of the car. If the surface of the tire is surging even bald, then this is the cause of the front wheels of the car sounds. Moreover if your car uses front-wheel drive. To solve it, then you could do a rotation of the tires by rotating the front tires of the car with the rear tire to be parallel. But the more surely, soon to bring your car to a repair shop to do spooring balancing. Car makes noise when turning


  1. Steering Rack Oblak Car makes noise when turning


Cause of car sounds while the other could be caused due to turn steering rack that oblak. At best MPV car or hatcback circulating today, most use the steering rack andpinion. Steering has a better effectiveness due to the rotation of the wheel is not so far. For how it works using two tooth pinion gears, which are at the ends of the axle that connects with the rack gear so that later when the pinion gear spin then make the shaft moves to the right or to the left in the direction of rotation of the steer. There are many things that cause this steer rack reads when the car turns, among others are:

  • The less gear lubricants
  • The rack or pinion aus so as to make its slot widens
  • Bearing rack damaged causing the steer axis rack oblak
  • Axis rack bent

The above things can be one of the causes of a sound while the car is being turn, though just a little. To resolve it, know the cause first and then look for solutions to address them. If indeed it needs replacement parts, then replace it with a component that is in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


  1. Damage to the CV Joint Car makes noise when turning


Damage to the cv joint more caused due to faulty or tearing of boot cv joint cv joint lubricant that makes out when car wheels are spinning. This condition eventually will make the cv joint cannot be terlumasi with either who finally made dry or defects in the moving parts. This is the one that later led to the onset of sounds that interfere with because the water goes into the rubber boot on cv joint. Other causes of this damage can be due to age and time of use that long that affect the quality of the cv joint. So that needs to be done to the new kompoenn replacement. Car makes noise when turning

Why car makes noise when turning

The actual damage that occurs at the cv joint can be easily detected early when looking at the condition of the boot, whether there are cracks in the rubber or rubber bond already regardless. If you look there are cracks-cracks in the rubber cv joint, then it would be better to immediately perform the replacement on boot to prevent more severe damage. To check the condition of the boot is actually very easy. You simply rotate the wheel to the right or left in full to see part of the cv joint. Car makes noise when turning

Well that last several causes car sound when turn the common as well as how to deal with it. A car that goes off course will greatly interfere with much less if it comes to cause discomfort during the drive. For it do not sepelekan such a condition if it happens on your car. Soon, if need to take it to a repair shop to do the repairs. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you. Car makes noise when turning.

car makes noise when turning


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