The Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise. This fast clicking sound generally means a dead battery. to fix this simply charge your battery or boost your automotive. If not the battery it is lose wiring to and/or from the starter. to fix this simply tighten the wiring or replace the wiring if it’s faulty. however can we solve Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise problem?

Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise

If the fast clicking noise issue is so a dead battery, that’s method plenty of common throughout climate, you want to begin charging the battery as presently as possible. it’s going to be permanently damaging to a automotive battery’s health if it’s left at zero charge. throughout this text, we’re aiming to walk you via variety of the common causes of battery failure and advise you on but you’ll be able to check the charge of your battery. We’ll in addition discuss variety of the alternative problems that may be responsible.


A battery could also be dead for many reasons, but the common causes are:

  • Interior light-weight left on
  • Headlights left on
  • Old battery that can’t hold a charge for long
  • Cold Weather (cold to not mention battery in poor health will probably mean a dead battery)
  • Device or accent left charging among the DC power port of the vehicle long
  • Alternator not charging battery effectively


How am I able to Check why my Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise?

The precise volts of a accumulator could also be checked using a meter or multimeter. A multimeter could also be purchased from a shop buy around $15.


Method 1: Check Charge of Idle Battery

  • flip the automotive off.
  • take away the battery cowl.

Connect the positive lead on the voltmeter/multimeter to the positive terminal on the battery. Connect the negative lead to the negative terminal.

Observe voltmeter/multimeter (ensure multimeter is on correct setting). The reading need to be between twelve.4 and 12.7 volts. One thing less then twelve.4 volts means your battery has got to be charged.

Method 2: Check to form sure Battery is Charging

  • Flip your automotive on, allowing it to idle. do this in degree open, outside house.
  • Connect the positive and negative leads of the voltmeter/multimeter to the positive and negative terminals on the battery.

Observe the reading. The battery need to scan 13.5+ volts, which means it’s charging properly. If the reading could be a smaller quantity than 13.5 volts, the generator isn’t operational properly, and your battery are getting to be dead once one or two of journeys (since it’s not being charged).


What If it’s not My Battery? (Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise)

While a foul battery is that the most typical issue that we’ve got an inclination to encounter once a automotive is making clicking noises, there unit of measurement another possible issues that you just simply would possibly wish to look into.

The beginner magnet (Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise)

If you hear one loud click or no click rather than fast clicking noises when you start your automotive, you’d probably have a problem at the side of your starter magnet, in addition observed because the starter relay. The starter magnet is that the vicinity of your vehicle that switches associate outsize current to the electrical motor and sets the engine in motion. If your battery is ok but you’re still having problems, you’ll be eager to envision the magnet first. Examine this nice article, “Troubleshooting magnet and Electrical automotive Problems” for many nice recommendation on the simplest way to diagnose whether or not or not the magnet is that the draw back.

Corroded or Loose Cables (Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise)

Sometimes it’s as simple as having some unsound or loose wires to want care of. If you notice that variety of your battery terminal connections unit of measurement unsound or worn down you’ll be able to take a glance at whether or not or not or not this will be the issue by swing a screwdriver (with degree insulated or wood handle) between the connection and terminal post and twist it to remain it firmly in place. If you’re making an attempt and start your vehicle presently and it works then you will apprehend your battery is ok but your cables connections need to get replaced or tightened.

Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise

Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise

Still Having Car Wont Start Rapid Clicking Noise problems?

If you’ve got checked your battery, solenoid, and connections, and that they ar tired operational order but you’re still having trouble at the side of your vehicle, it’d be time to bring your vehicle to a region mechanic for scrutiny. If you reside among the Kitchener-Waterloo area and would like to have North yankee nation take a look at your vehicle, you’ll be able to merely head on over to our Book a gathering page.

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