How To Control The Steering Wheel In A Car

The car is one of the means of transportation that is very important today. Driving a car, there are some important things you should know, one of them is How To Control The Steering Wheel In A Car. An awful lot of car drivers who aren’t too concerned with how to drive a car.


For a security drive, pay attention to How To Control The Steering Wheel In A Car turned out to be a very important thing. Here are some tips on How To Control The Steering Wheel In A Car which we have auto summary for you:


  1. Perfect position (Both Hands)


However, in control of the car can not be indiscriminate. If you don’t pay attention to how to hold the steering wheel of a car with true likely you will lost control and experienced a serious accident.

According to how to hold the steering wheel of a car with a perfect position is with both hands. The position of the car’s steering wheel as a clock. Put your right hand in a clock wise position No 3, and your left hand on the clock position no 9.


With this position you can be in full control and control of your car. Very minimal percentage of lost control. When want to do maneuver, put one of your hands in position 12 and 6. This can help you get the perfect maneuver. When you want to restore to its original position, do so slowly that is returned to the original position of the hand.


  1. Right


If you are a user of the right hand or your right hand is more dominant, you can try How To Control The Steering Wheel In A Car with this position. The trick is quite simple, put your right hand on the clock position 1 on the steering wheel of the car. And your left hand is on the position of the clock 7.


  1. The Left


No little people who prefer to do everything with my left hand. If you are one of those people who are more comfortable with the left hand and then this way is perfect for you. Simply turning your position before. Put your left hand on the needle position 11 and your right hand on the clock position 7 or 6. But remember, if you pay attention to each position you apply keep space with 180 degrees so that the distance of the vulnerable control you can get volatile.


  1. One hand


I will never recommend this way unless you are a skilled rider in the car. In addition to the extremely dangerous because it can happen to lose control on the car, this position is not secure because you will never know what situation would happen in front of you while driving. So again, I would never recommend this way.


  1. Free style


The last way in How To Control The Steering Wheel In A Car is free style. This way is really unsafe. You can hold the steering wheel of a car with the left hand or right hand only. You don’t need to pay attention to the position of the hands.

That’s the last few tips in How To Control The Steering Wheel In A Car. When you’re driving, keep watch for your safety. Don’t take calls or do something dangerous while driving.


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