Doing Motorcycle Fairing Paint may be a comparatively straightforward task compared with the other painting method involving associate degree automobile. Fairings area unit a plastic shell that’s placed over the frame of bound cars, like motorcycles. Since they’re plastic, they have to be repaired usually. Therefore painting plastic fairings is unquestionably the sort of repair you would like to be ready to do yourself.

Sand the Motorcycle Fairing Paint. It is vital to own associate degree acceptable surface for primer and paint to stick to. Sanding the fairings can produce this surface for you. To do this, use 400-grit sand paper. Sand the whole surface of the plastic fairings victimization circular motions, whereas applying moderate pressure.

Motorcycle Fairing Paint

Prime the surface of the fairings. While not primer, the Fairing Paint won’t stick properly to the Motorcycle Fairing Paint. This is often once break and excessive obscurities happen once the ultimate paint job. Apply a plastic primer to the whole surface of the fairings. Plastic primers usually are available in rattle aerosol containers. It’s terribly straightforward to use. Spray long even strokes across the surface, refraining from ever stopping a paint stroke directly on the fairing on avoid build up. Permit the primer to dry for two to six hours before moving on.

Apply a really skinny coat of your base color. To do this, spray color over the Motorcycle Fairing Paint quickly. Don’t be concerned regarding covering the primer utterly. This can permit you to simply see any bumps or flaws which will still stay on the Fairing Paint, providing you with an opportunity to repair them before you continue. Permit this skinny layer of color to dry for about six hours.

Motorcycle Fairing Paint

Wet sand over the skinny layer of color. Wet sanding may be a technique that makes a superbly sleek and glossy texture. Merely sand the fairings within the same fashion as you probably did earlier, except now use a sponge or squirt bottle to use water to every space as you are sanding it. Wet sand victimization 100-grit sand paper. Once you have got finished wet sanding the whole Motorcycle Fairing Paint, make sure that all excess water and plastic particles area unit removed.

Apply the bottom color coat. You may have to be compelled to apply three to five coats of color to the plastic Fairing Paint. Once applying the colour apply a way known as grip coats. All meaning is that the primary coat is applied terribly skinny and every coat gets increasingly thicker. The diluent coats make sure that there’s further grip for the paint to carry on to. This can lead to a lot of skilled trying result. Apply the Motorcycle Fairing Paint coats within the same fashion as you applied the primer. Permit 3 hours of your time between applying every color coat. Once you have got applied all of the coats, wait six to eight hours for the paint to completely dry.

Motorcycle Fairing Paint

Apply a transparent lacquer coat. A transparent coat can defend your new paint job from extreme weather. Apply two to three layers of clear lacquer and permit 2 hours of your time between every coat. Once you have got finished applying all of the lacquer, wait a full time unit before victimization the auto.

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